Best Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

You just have to like Japanese animations! The Anime genre features thrilling plots and characters you can’t hate. It always promises to blast open a world full of creative entertainment that you may get absorbed in its universe and lose track of time.

Anime fans will all agree that was one of the very best streaming sites for anime that is until it was flushed off its domain. Upsetting as that was, it doesn’t bring to a halt the fun in the Anime world.

We’ve got you with the best alternatives there are today. As you’d expect, a decent alternative should have an extensive library, non-buffering streams, and, importantly, be safe. We have put all these factors into consideration in compiling our list of the top alternatives.

Caution: You will need a VPN!

Considering the legal issues surrounding free streaming websites, its important to take caution before you consider using any of the best alternatives suggested here. Remember that your ISP is always monitoring and recording your online activities, including the websites you access. Apart from that, the servers where these movies are stored are usually not secure, and they log all user information, including your IP address.

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Top ten best Alternatives

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll - Best Alternatives


Crunchyroll is one of the oldest streaming platforms, having been in service for over a decade. It is equipped with a lot of Anime content that includes more than just movies and TV shows. The platform’s excellent library with over 25,000 episodes worth of content gives you nothing but the best Anime content.

The platform requires a subscription at a fee but do not worry. There is a free ad-supported version and a 14-day free trial period to give you a taste of the best Anime content at zero cost. Another perk of Crunchyroll is that it features English subtitles and dubbed English audio in the Anime clips so you can watch Animes without having to worry about the audio.

The site also offers video quality of up to 720p, but you can up it to HD quality by registering an account. Ads on the site are generally bearable. You can access Crunchyroll through its website or official app that is available for PC and mobile.

2. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak - Best Alternatives


As the name suggests, here is one for the Anime freaks. The site brings you a wide variety of anime content. It has an optional registration requirement. Users can still enjoy the content without signing up for an account.

The site’s home page shows the latest content with brief descriptions tagged along. It is simplistic in view and straightforward to use. The A to Z categorization makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

The site could do something about the number of ads on the home screen. As a new user, you may find them distracting, but you’ll be good once you know how to skirt them.

3. 9Anime



9Anime is another one of the best anime streaming websites on the internet today. The site is well designed to simplify and make your streaming experience better. The home page stands out with an outspoken search bar leading you to a world full of content.

It also has an optional theme switch between dark and light mode as per your preference. You can also switch between English and Japanese before running a search.  In addition to the A to Z list, filters can help you locate what you want to watch.

Users can sort the anime content on the site per year, genre, type, country, status, and release dates. A few of the videos may not have any subtitles or dubbed audio, but you can still enjoy the rest.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet


Like [before its shutdown], Anime-Planet holds a large chunk of Anime material stored in its massive catalog. The site has over 45,000 worth of episodes that you can choose from which speaks of how stacked it is.

The website’s elegance makes it easily the most impressive Anime streaming site you can visit. Besides elegance, it also features a clean interface for the user. Anime-Planet offers unique categorizations such as most loved and most hated characters to help you choose the best content for you.

We also like that Anime-Planet has an interactive community on the website that you can connect with. The site doesn’t have too many shouting ads, which again means you’re getting a free streaming service with a somewhat premium experience.

5. AnimeLab

Animelab - Best Alternatives


The AnimeLab describes itself as the best platform to satiate your anime hunger, and its of the best alternatives. It boasts an exceptional home page that ideally speaks of what the site is about.

AnimeLab offers content in various resolutions and allows you to perform downloads if you prefer offline viewing. Gliding the cursor over a thumbnail gives a preview of the Anime movies or TV show details.

AnimeLab is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean you’re locked out. After downloading and logging in to your IPVanish app, you can still access the site and enjoy your favorite Anime content by connecting to a server in either of the two countries.

6. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime - Best Alternatives


GoGoAnime is a fan-favorite for anime lovers as it is really simple to use. It allows for both streaming and downloads to watch offline. It also offers various choices ranging from the oldest to new Anime releases.

Its library is updated regularly, so it will keep you entertained at all times. Episodes or movies containing subtitles are tagged along with a badge indicating the same. The search button is quite impressive and highlights the possible results before the actual search is done.

Users can alter the video quality to get the best experience. The site has pop-ups and click-on ads, but they are not conspicuous. You’ve got to try it if anime is your thing.

7. Anime Karma



Anime Karma is another site that boasts of a well-stocked library just for your entertainment, and it’s yet another of the best alternatives. It would not be enough of a description without mentioning the website’s aesthetic appeal while still retaining simplicity.

This site gives you the power to sort through your content by genre, date of release, and IMDb rating. Anime Karma keeps a list of the trending content, top movies, and top TV shows. The search results have rating labels that will give you an idea of whether the anime is good enough for your viewing. We also like that ads on the site are, for the most part, non-existent.

8. AnimeLand



AnimeLand welcomes you to a land full of Anime content just from its name. It is a popular website in the anime community, so we wouldn’t be surprised that you have heard of or even used it.

The site is pretty much straightforward and doesn’t require users to register before accessing anime content. AnimeLand’s design matches the theme of anime, and it is particularly invested in dubbed content.

Picture quality while streaming on the site goes up to 1080p. The website’s biggest downside is persistent pop-up ads, but otherwise, it is a good and reliable streaming site where you can enjoy anime.

9. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime - Best Alternatives


Chia-Anime is a hidden gem that not many are familiar with. While it is not as popular as other options, the site will impress you at first glance. Its content is subbed and dubbed, adding convenience to the overall anime streaming experience.

The site also allows for downloads to watch your content later on if you are in a hurry. However, the site has many ads that may even pop up in the video streams. If you can overlook this fly in the ointment, then you have found a good place to satisfy your Anime cravings.

10. Anime Frenzy



Anime Frenzy is a website designed for Anime lovers who want to access their content from a user-friendly interface, and it’s another of the best alternatives. This website has a decent library that is frequently updated for new content to back its basic interface.

Its home page welcomes you with the latest Anime content while detailing the episode number, the genre, and the title of the anime. The site’s search function is quick in providing Anime suggestions.

The content can be sorted based on popularity and schedule, making it easier for you to locate what you want. Anime Frenzy also has a chat community where users interact and share stories on their favorite shows and movies. Ads on Anime Frenzy are countable and shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Kodi Alternatives to Best Anime Kodi Addons

Kodi addons help make your streaming experience even more enjoyable. You can effortlessly locate the Anime content you’re interested in on Kodi with addons. We’ve sampled the best three addons you can use. You can check out our comprehensive Kodi guide if you are not familiar with Kodi addons.


FANime is an excellent animes Kodi Addon

FANime is an anime addon working really well and has a clean interface. The addon provides lots of content organized into Recent Releases, A-Z, Genres, Ongoing, Recently Added, Movies, and Popular.

Its easy to navigate to an episode or film you want, and you can even use a search button. Once you select a video, you can choose from up to 7 streaming links, and all of them tend to be in HD.

Repo: Stream Army


Funimation Kodi Addon

FunimationNow was initially a third-party Kodi addon, but it has now transitioned into an official Kodi addon. This means that you can easily install the addon from the official Kodi repository.

FunimationNow has become popular thanks to its impressive functionality and wide array of content. With the addon, you can access all the latest anime shows straight from Japan with English dubs in 720p and 1080p. The service is now paid, but theres also free registration. Note that you will need a good VPN like [vpn_nme] to use it. Connect your app to a VPN server in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, or Australia.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a Kodi addon for Movies and Series streaming

Exodus Redux isn’t a dedicated addon to Anime but rather an addon for movies and TV shows. It is, however, a superb way as it has a very impressive Anime section. The addon pulls many sources that can let you watch lots of episodes for free on Kodi. Heres how to install Exodus Redux.

Repo: IAC-Repo

Wrap Up

There’s absolutely no reason to miss out on favorite anime in a world full of alternatives. Our recommendations are the best alternatives at the moment as they stand out in the size of their libraries, quality of service, and reliability. A few may have the hassle of pop-up ads, but the content they offer is worth it.

Time to catch up on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba!

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