Choose now your case for the new iPhone XR, these are the best!

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Tomorrow is the day when the reserves of the iPhone XR are opened. A device called to be a success, in fact there is a lot of expectation in it. Users will probably make many orders and it is no wonder, the iPhone XR has the necessary elements to become a best seller.

We have made a selection of the best cases for this phone that you can find on Amazon. There are them for all budgets and we assure you that they are all incredible pieces. You know, if tomorrow you are going to reserve your new device, get yourself also with one of these cases.

The best covers for your new iPhone XR

ESR gel sleeve

The gel covers are characterized by being economical and give an excellent result while protecting very well. This has the warranty of a known manufacturer and has a price lower than 7 euros. This is your opportunity.

Ringke Fusion

Why hide an iPhone as beautiful as the XR? Made of transparent TPU, it is specially reinforced at the edges. In addition it has a hole to attach a hook and take it to the neck or wrist. Do not leave it in the shopping cart and take it with you.

Scheam Ultra Slim Leather Case

We present a different alternative, but one that is very fashionable: the book type covers. In addition to protection, you can add your cards to have them always at hand. Its price? It does not reach 10 euros!

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MATONE cover

What is really killer is its price, because it does not reach 5 euros. Made in an elegant black color and is also very thin. And if you want to show off the Apple logo , you have an opening to show it off. Take it home!

Which is your favorite? Do not leave your new iPhone unprotected.