The iPad Pro keynote is official, Apple sends the invitations

It is official, we will have new iPad Pro and new Macbook very soon. Apple just sent the invitations for a new keynote at the end of the month, the event will take place on Tuesday, October 30 , at 10:00 am at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.

Apple has once again chosen¬†a special and different place for a related event like the iPad¬†, we saw it this year in Chicago when they presented the iPad 2018. In addition, they sent different invitations, all with the same motto, ¬Ľ¬†There`s more in the making ¬ę¬†, something like¬Ľ there is something else making ¬ę.

Date and time of the iPad Pro 2018 keynote

As we have already mentioned, Apple will celebrate the keynote on Tuesday October 30th. The event will be held, as usual, at 10:00 am Eastern Time (New York). But also on 28 the time is changed so in Spain the conference can be followed live at 3:00 p.m. , a somewhat strange schedule.

These are Apple’s keynote schedules in different countries around the world:

  • Spain (peninsula): 15: 00h
  • Canary Islands: 14: 00h
  • Mexico: 8: 00h
  • Colombia: 9: 00h
  • Argentina: 11: 00h

This October event is usually reserved for the most professional Apple products . This year we expect a renewed iPad Pro with a borderless design and Face ID and a renewal of the Mac range. Surely we will see a new Macbook with a more affordable price and perhaps some more renovation.

As we do every year, as only a month ago in the presentation of the new iPhone XS and XR, in iPadizate we will make a full coverage of the event and we will tell you everything that Apple presents. If you do not want to miss anything.

Here we leave you all the different invitations that Apple has sent: